A Gas Mask You Can Wear Everyday

A Gas Mask You Can Wear Everyday

purME is an all-new type of mask. It is modular, lightweight and comfortable. By wearing it, you are protected against all sorts of harmful particles such as PM2.5 and allergen, both as airborne or droplets.

True Respirator Design

Unlike most masks designed to stop air pollution, purME is a respirator with gas mask-like construction. Since the filter is completely isolated from the surface, it is splash-resistant and can stop droplet threats in addition to airborne matter. There is also more air space inside the mask, making a comfortable and secure fit for people to wear all-day.

Bi-directional Filtering/ One-way Airflow

When exhaust filtration is required, you can easily convert purME with filter on both intake and exhaust, filtering particles both in and out.

One-way Airflow design brings better seal and comfort. You will find purME much more comfortable than masks without valve, especially at humid and warm climate.

Smallest in Class

purME is among the smallest and lightest respirators that can filter both droplet and airborne threats. It weights only 70g, just 1/3 of common industrial respirators. It is also collapsible, meaning you can fold and pack it into your bag or pocket like a wallet – always ready to protect you!


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We protect you against viruses and bacteria. We guard you from air pollution, wildlife smoke & seasonal allergy.

Medical Grade Silicone Polymer

With facepiece made out of supple silicone, purME will keep airtight for 99% people once the strap is tightened. The excellent sealing guarantees protection without needing a professional fit test. The entire facepiece is machine-washable in warm water, both in washing machine or dishwasher.

Modular Filter Level

Most reusable masks have filter placed over the surface, which is troublesome to replace and risks contamination. purME places the NIOSH certified N95 filter inside a pod, avoiding damage and contamination. Pollutant, dust and other harmful particles are stopped and kept there until filter is replaced. With the use of included adapter, it is equally easy to swap out for a P100 filter canister, upgrading to 99.8% protection.

Ergonomic Fit

purME is held on by a set of elastic straps. They will fit the respirator securely to your face yet won’t cause you discomfort. Once the adjustment is completed, it will keep the setting and become easy to put on and off. Our straps are completely machine-washable so you can always keep them fresh!

Why Do We Start This Project?

purME was conceived by our team when we started to wear mask ourselves to protect against air pollution and other harmful particles. However, we realize none of the existing designs can provide the protection, comfort and convenience that we demand. Most reusable masks only stop a limited type of pollutants, while the higher rated ones are way too bulky or uneconomical to use regularly.

Breathe Safe. Stay Healthy.

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