We care about your health and safety. We protect you against viruses and bacteria. We also protect you from air pollution, wildlife smoke and seasonal allergy etc.

Stops All Pathogens

purME was altered during development to protect you against current and future pandemics. Its full respirator construction means stopping droplet threats just as well as airborne threats. The filter will keep bacteria, virus, allergen and pollution particles out.

Air Pollution

It will stop you from inhaling harmful pollutants from air, including over 95% of PM2.5 particle pollutant and a number of gas. Optional upgrade available to reach up to P100 standards.

Wildlife Smoke

It will minimize harm during and after a wildfire, block dangerous particles from entering your lungs. Most smoke particles are within the PM2.5 range that will be filtered out by the HEPA filter of purME.

Seasonal allergy

It will block out over 95% of floating allergens such as pollen and mold spore, preventing allergic reactions such as inflammation, sneezing and coughing.

Why Do We Start This Project?

purME was conceived by our team when we started to wear mask ourselves to protect against air pollution and other harmful particles. However, we realize none of the existing designs can provide the protection, comfort and convenience that we demand. Most reusable masks only stop a limited type of pollutants, while the higher rated ones are way too bulky or uneconomical to use regularly.

Breathe safe. Stay Healthy.

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